Everything Is Harder Than You Think

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ISBN: 9781457516108
100 pages

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The water slowly soaked my socks as I pondered how to stop the growing flood from the newly “repaired” toilet. My feet grew cold and wet, but my face warmed, as I considered how my wife would react to my latest project.

Of course plumbing nightmares are just one aspect of life that proves that “Everything Is Harder Than You Think”.


About Brett G. Hirsch

An accomplished speaker and presenter, Brett G. Hirsch survived more than 35 years building products, managing teams, and delivering critical projects for major corporations.



When I sat down to begin writing this book, the virus software on my laptop immediately popped up and recommended that I do an update. Having completed the update, I was then told the system would have to reboot for the updates to take effect. I went and got dinner, while it was rebooting. I should have known that it would not be that easy to start this book…


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